City as a Campus (CaaC) is an open-source platform for creating connected learning communities. The platform contains sets of tools for learners, organizers, and community anchors.

  • Tools for Learners:

    • Submit opportunities (both digital and local) to the directory
    • Curate opportunities (up and down voting) to ensure quality
    • Browse opportunities via search, visual browsing trees, and curated knowledge maps
    • Queue opportunities and create custom learning plans
    • Keep track of progress on your personal knowledge map
    • Keep archive of personal learning data, including open badges and a multimedia portfolio
  • Tools for Organizers:

    • Submit opportunities
    • Create and issue open badges
    • Import opportunity feeds
    • Embed opportunity feeds in external sites and domains
    • Roster learners to opportunities
    • Garner financial support from learners who use your digital resources
    • Tools to create curated knowledge maps
  • Tools for Community Anchors:

    • Customizable Homepage
    • Admin tools to control Organizer permissions
    • Customizable Topic/Community Page administration

Once it is complete, you can setup a CaaC instance on its own domain, as a sub-domain with a CNAME record (e.g., or as a native embed within your existing site (either as a full page or a small widget).

Source Code: GitHub issues ---- Deploy your own: Deploy ---- Join the Chat: Join the chat at